Rugrats Go Wild

Rated NR

This hybrid of two popular Nickelodeon animated TV shows uses more than a dozen intersecting storylines, upbeat foot-tapping tunes and bright Crayola-colored characters—making this fast-paced 83-minute cartoon ideal for today’s ADD child. When the Rugrats family takes to the high seas in a tugboat for a three-hour tour, a perfect storm casts them away on a deserted island. The stranded toothless tykes, a pooch with a broken sniffer, a karaoke queen in pigtails and the individually quirky adults split up to search for salvation while frequently stopping for a song and dance number along the way. Soon they discover the Thornberry family and make a wildlife video, but not before a leopard can threaten the lives of both eccentric families. Writer/Director Kate Boutilier provides ample attention-grabbing stimuli to keep the pint-sized viewers entertained while making allusions to several live-action films, keeping the adult crowd from reaching total boredom.

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