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Re: “Danehy

Must admit to a bit of cognitive dissonance when balancing Danehy's admonition not to say anything too provocative (Abolish Ice) with labeling Trump The Giant Illiterate Turd.

Say what?

Detractors should mildly respond to the federal government's kidnapping young children, separating them from their parents, holding them hostage (and apparently as of today, losing many of them entirely). Instead, we should maunder about seeking a middle ground where we can all agree to be non-provocative while joining hands and singing Kumbayah?

If you haven't noticed, Tom, there is no center today, only tribes of snipers. Problem is the bad guys show up with really exotic rifles while your good sensible folks show up with fistfuls of wilted kale.

Nah, Abolish Ice.

The mere suggestion drives the Giant Illiterate Turd even more insane and gives nervous liberals a serious case of the vapors.

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Posted by Rick Spanier on 07/20/2018 at 3:30 PM

Re: “Danehy

My original post was intended as a rebuttal to Danehy's excusing Clinton's loss to Trump to "the deplorables" alleged idiocy, misogyny, and racism. My point was simply many independent voters (and not just a few Democrats) where sickened by Clinton's engineered nomination despite her lack of appeal, her dithering on issues of importance to the base, her intimacy with Wall Street and her casual relationship with the truth. Trump's election may have come as a shock to many but others saw the passion and excitement of two candidates, Trump and Sanders.

I did. So did a friend of mine who is apolitical but loves the theater (bring on the brew and the popcorn!).

Trump ran a better campaign, read the mood of the nation's voters and was elected president with a healthy share of the electoral college votes. No magical thinking (impeachment, 25th amendment, indictment for collusion with Russia) will overcome the current state of affairs. No excuses (Russian involvement, Comey, misogyny) matter.

So yes, I am angry and disgusted by this president and the circus of horrors he plays ringmaster to every day. But, ultimately, the Democratic Party has only itself to blame for making Clinton's nomination inevitable. By honoring a political deal for a do-over after her second most embarrassing political loss - to Obama for the nomination in 2008 - the party apparatus placed the nation at risk and is now suffering the consequences.

Back to Danehy's profound loss of respect for a former friend who signed on with the dark side. Maybe this friend was, in reality, nothing more than a familiar acquaintance. I'm pretty sure we all have true friends who've done something we consider stupid and out of character. But to write them off because of political differences, even differences as significant as the current muck we are drowning in is telling.

Maybe Tom's and my own understandings of friendship are categorically different. If a friend of mine shoots my dog, he will no longer be my friend. If she votes differently than me, even for someone I detest, we will both get over it.

Because we are friends.

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Posted by Rick Spanier on 07/07/2018 at 7:52 AM

Re: “Danehy

And in the true Alice in Wonderland repartee seen on these boards, we have one anonymous poster (CW13) being attacked by another anonymous poster (CW13 falls again!).

I do appreciate that neither has opted for the familiar sentence-length pseudonym like "Fed up with current illiberal state of affairs but too afraid to use my name because someone may get mad at me and call my employer or sister."

Grow up.

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Posted by Rick Spanier on 07/06/2018 at 3:06 PM

Re: “Danehy

Tom opens with a bit of sophistry - literary legerdemain - if you stretch "literary" a bit. Clinton, Tom notes, was a crappy candidate - so far we are on the same page. But here is the twist, the slight of hand:

"They (pissed off white voters) voted the way they did because they sincerely hated the Crappy One. They hated the fact that she wore pantsuits, that she used words with multiple syllables in them, and that she didn't seem to share their nightmare vision of a brown tidal wave sweeping across America's southern border."

Nope. It ain't me, babe.

Many (including Danahey's despised independents - like myself) didn't care a whit about Hillary's lack of sartorial splendor, do enjoy a well-turned phrase and cogent argument, and celebrate our nation's diversity as a fountain of renewal. So why did we despise and distrust Hillary?

She took millions from Wall Street denizens for "speeches." She and her former POTUS husband ran a monumental pay for play scheme linking her position as Secretary of State to Bill's Clinton Global Initiative. She foolishly thought she could hide behind a private email server in her basement while serving in her capacity as SOS. She was as authentic and compelling as a garden gnome in the Louvre.

Feel free to add to the list of attributes that made Hillary, in the end, a deplorable candidate.

And the rest, as they say, is history. The only Democrat remotely capable of losing the presidency, and our national reputation, to a bloviating, hate-speaking carnival barker with a business record that includies the nearly impossible task of managing to bankrupt casinos accomplished just that.

Yeah, I am one pissed off white guy. I am pissed at the hubris and sense of entitlement and machinations that resulted in Clinton's nomination and the subsequent coronation of a village idiot as president. I am pissed that my grandchildren will be living in a world that has witnessed the decline and fall of their country leaving them to scramble for clean air, water and opportunity.

Thanks Hillary. Thanks Debbie. Thanks Super Delegates. Thanks DNC. And don't let the door bruise your collective butts on the way out.

You were saying something, Tom?

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Posted by Rick Spanier on 07/06/2018 at 2:11 PM

Re: “False Equivalence: A Primer

Former Dem

We agree on one issue especially, the indenturing of college students. Probably the most disgusting feature of our economy and a real generational differentiator between the old guard Democrats and Republicans who are equally responsible for the state of affairs and younger folks paying the price for elected leaders being so obviously on the take.

As far as likes/dislikes here or on other venues: who cares? I like to think the exchange of ideas is valuable. Whether mine or anyone else's is popular is pretty much irrelevant. And don't take this personally, I've made it a point to post using my name and wonder why so many use pseudonyms (simple or elaborate) or whatever to mask their identities. Anonymity is curious in the marketplace of ideas.

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Posted by Rick Spanier on 06/29/2018 at 12:36 PM

Re: “False Equivalence: A Primer

Former Dem,

Well said. I think Ocasia-Cortez is in very good shape given the demographics of her district so the general election really is hers to lose. She will win easily.

I agree with nearly all your points except that the temper tantrums across venues are not unexpected when the administration uses kidnapping and ransom as bargaining chips in a game they can't even explain to its own party members. It is more than cool to be pissed off and take action under those circumstances.

Serving labor? I don't think so. Not even the Democrats took the unions seriously in '16. They are now part of the slice and dice calculus that served Clinton et. al. so well in the past election.

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Posted by Rick Spanier on 06/28/2018 at 12:58 PM

Re: “False Equivalence: A Primer

This is what authentic progressive leadership looks like

I see the great showing by Ocasia-Cortez somewhat differently and was absolutely thrilled to see her win. She took out an invisible, nondescript symbol of her party's hubris and sense of entitlement and trashed yet another empty suit preferred by the party leadership. That same hubris and sense of entitlement were responsible for the unimaginable (to some) and improbable (to many) win by Trump.

And that's the rub. The Dems somehow managed to run the only candidate even remotely capable of losing an election to a vapid, hate-mongering carnival barker. She, Ocasia-Cortez, in this contest was viewed, as many of those supported by Sanders' Our Revolution, by the party elite as interlopers ... party crashers...barbarians at the gates. I imagine they (tonight) are a bit more than merely concerned there is more to come.

I hope they are terrified. They should be. The 'blue wave" is ebbing before it nears the shore.

That said, I don't see Ocasia-Cortez' win as a repudiation of anti-Trump hysteria, and the public shaming of low life cabinet officials and other administration officials (the other Sanders). Yes, certainly, campaigns like hers may win contests against inbred Democrats and, in a district where Dems heavily outweigh Republicans, a congressional seat. Cool.

But ultimately, the vicious filth emanating from the White House on a daily basis does need to be confronted with more than words and policy pronouncements. We, the people, are in a battle for our democracy. Many of us are angry at Trump, angry at the Democrats who enabled his election and angry at being counseled to simmer down by the same folks. Those who engineered this fiasco in the first place by guaranteeing the nomination of a candidate disliked and distrusted by a majority of voters while under investigation for the glaring misuse of a personal email server while ensconced as secretary of state. Angry people do fight back. Some throw tea in Boston Harbor and some declare independence from tyrants. And some refuse to serve their oppressors dinner.

So in the end, if Hillary, Nancy, Chuck, Tony or any of the other party do-nothings come to my restaurant, hey, they won't be seated.

Now I'm going to have to open a beanery.

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Posted by Rick Spanier on 06/27/2018 at 6:33 PM

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