Queen of the Damned

Rated NR

For those who are going to this sequel of Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire solely to see Aaliyah might be let down since the late pop star turned actress does not appear until halfway through the movie. But you'll get your money's worth when she does grace the big screen as a sexy half-naked cannibalistic pyromaniac queen of the undead. Though in the meantime you'll need to wait through ear-piercing, kill-your-mother music by a goth band led by Stuart Townsend's bloodsucking Lestat (formerly played by Tom Cruise), who suffers from immortality depression and gets worshipped by a homely paranormal P. I. with Princess Leia hair buns. So it's your call; do you sit through the immortal Marilyn Manson nightwalker tales for the fire breathing Aaliyah with echo-reverb voice, or hold out altogether and miss the blood-bath vampire concert?

Film Credits

Director: Michael Rymer

Cast: Aaliyah, Stuart Townsend and Lena Olin

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