Pootie Tang

Rated NR

Writer/Director Louis C. K. mimics the Wayans brothers' parody style with this painful, outlandish spoof of the superhero, gangster and blaxploitation genres. Based on a Chris Rock HBO sketch, the loudmouth comedian appears in many forms, from a disciplinary daddy mauled by a crazed gorilla to a reincarnated cornstalk who mentors the oddly irresistible icon Pootie Tang (Lance Crouther). This eccentric superhero with a ridiculous '70s pimp fashion sense and a break-dancing twitch fights evil Corporate America with his bullet-repelling ponytail and a prized villain-whipping belt given to him by his deceased father. Once stripped of his sacred secret weapon, the dimwitted savior must grasp the concept that the pen is mightier than the sword in order to defeat the treacherous Dick Lecter (Robert Vaughn). This over-the-top comedy incorporates everything from a dirt-obsessed ex-con to some raunchy pork-chunk cereal ads. These absurdities provide cheap, mild entertainment value, but it is buried very deep beneath a surface of incompetence and stupidity.

Film Credits

Director: Louis C.K.

Cast: Chris Rock, Lance Crouther and Robert Vaughn

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