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Police Dispatch

Six-Shovel Five-Finger Discount



East Mabel Street

Dec. 11, 4:31 p.m.

Someone stole a lot of large gardening tools belonging to the University of Arizona, a UA Police Department report stated.

Meeting with a UA officer, the university's assistant gardening manager relayed that about two weeks prior, nine pieces of landscaping equipment had gone missing from the shed of the UA's community garden: four flat shovels, two spade shovels, a hula hoe, a heavy-duty rake and something he called a "pick mattock." The total value of all these items was estimated at $170.

The gardening assistant said that from time to time items had been known to disappear, and that sometimes transients sleep in and around the community garden—but this level of garden-tool thievery was pretty much unprecedented.

Unfortunately, he had no suspects. The incident was recorded on the chance that further information might surface later.

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