Pokemon 3

Rated NR

Just when you thought that it was safe to go to the theaters, those cruel moviemakers release another sequel based on a kooky cartoon show. The torture begins with a short segment of mushroom-headed beagles, rabid-looking squirrels and bouncing turnips who help their high-pitched screaming friends, Pikachu and Pichu, find their other Pokemon pals among a cyber dog and a 600-pound trampoline cat in a lame videogame-like setup with cheesy pinball sound effects to match. The agony continues with a pouty little orphan with pigtails who lives in the Unown, her self-controlled dream world of floating Spaghetti Os and mutating ice crystals that spawn talking mastodons. There she seduces innocent bystanders so that she can have friends and family of her own. Hopefully, this animated garbage is the last of its kind and those cruel moviemakers will spare us Part Four.

Film Credits

Director: Michael Haigney

Cast: Veronica Taylor and Eric Stuart

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