Piglet's Big Movie

Rated NR

He may be stuffed with fluff, but the huggable honey-obsessed Winnie the Pooh and the rest of his gang in the Hundred Acre Wood take a skerrumdipperous Tiggery bound to the big screen for lessons on friendship and appreciation. When pint-sized Piglet leaves the pack after feeling unnoticed because of his small stature, his inattentive friends follow the Book of Memories to search for their missing mate. This hunt is filled with peanut butter and jellyfish sightings in trees, recollections of their adventure to the "North Pole" with Christopher Robin and realizations that even a puny Piglet can make a big impact on others. Although adults will be bored by the overt simplicity of the plot and offended by Carly Simon’s chauvinistic song, "Mother’s Intuition," the 6-and-under crowd will be delighted by the fun-loving furry animated Disney critters.

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