Paid in Full

Rated NR

The honest employee is tired of earning minimum wage as the dry cleaner’s delivery boy barely making ends meet while his friends are rolling in weighty gold medallions, shiny BMW’s and pricey Rolex watches paid for by the dirty money earned on the drug-dealing streets of Harlem in the 1980s. Shortly the drugs, power and money corrupt the blue-collar worker and turn him into the Rockefeller of the Underworld with his own flashy ride and gaudy necklace. The former delivery boy eventually realizes selling cocaine isn’t the fairy tale that it’s cracked up to be. (Pardon the pun.) This film by Charles Stone III is based on actual events and focuses on the psychological processes of a young man ruined by temptation and get-rich-quick short cuts. However, key plot factors are missing. For example, where are the police? Apparently everyone in Harlem either sells drugs or buys them, the deals go down in plain view and guns are brandished or fired on a whim, but the cops are nowhere to be found. If they were, there wouldn’t be this predictable movie that offers nothing new.

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