Notorious C.H.O.

Rated NR

Margaret Cho is a brilliant comedian, and not simply because she’s a wise and sarcastic social commentator who says all the things we think but are too afraid to admit. Yes, she successfully flaunts our society’s Puritanism, hypocrisy, prejudice and limited views of sexuality and the body. But she also fearlessly lampoons herself, her motives and her habits. She’s a plus-size Korean-American gal who—contrary to every message she has received during her upbringing and socialization—has learned to love herself. She’s an attractive woman who, adept at physical comedy, doesn’t mind pulling an ugly face for maximum effect. She’s also funny as hell during this concert film shot in Seattle by producer-director-editor Lorene Machado, who also gave us Cho’s first feature, I’m the One That I Want. Be wary, though, Cho’s comedy is not for the easily shocked. She goofs gloriously on gay and straight sex, drag queens, S&M, racism in Hollywood, colonic hydrotherapy, menstruation, cultural alienation and, of course, her parents (who appear in a backstage cameo).

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