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Re: “Feeding the Monster

Mike/Jethro..Whatever your real name is, quite unlike you and most losers like you, I have a life outside of facebook, Yahoo and other assorted internet trolling. I do not have time to keep running back to this thread in an attempt to educate heathens that continually admit that they are too ignorant to even understand the basics. Lets recap what you should have learned by now. 1. Pink skin, European surnames and the Kings English are NOT indigenous to this region. 2. you are nothing more than a racist right wing Tea bagger that also probably claims to be a Christian and I have quite easily and adequately exposed you as such. 3. As a descendent of a European anchor Baby you have NO right to speak about OTHER illegal immigrants as though you were somehow better than them. If you want to speak about them in a way other than as your equals, go the hell back where you belong and I will listen to you, until then your opinions or anything you feel or may think is totally irrelevant to anyone except yourself. 4. Illegal immigration started in 1492, YOU are a Bi-Product of this illegal invasion NOT the Mexican people or anyone else with brown skin. Now go back inside your trailer, brush both of your teeth, think about the reality of everything you should have learned and leave issues like Immigration and reigning in the Border Patrol abuse to folks like me. The real adults have this, I promise.

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Posted by NormSutter on 03/24/2014 at 8:33 AM

Re: “Feeding the Monster

Mike..this conversation could go on forever, it normally does when I state facts to racist fake Americans that think they belong here while displaying the utmost contempt for the people that actually do. BTW, your name is Mike?, really?..give me a break, I shouldn't even acknowledge replies from posts containing European surnames. I realize that most of you are victims of your twisted beliefs that were instilled there by generations of racist teachings, poor parenting and a downright willingness to remain ignorant. You went to a great deal of trouble to sound intelligent while spreading your misguided, disingenuous, racist banter, your dead giveaway (or at least one of them) was the ludicrous comment that all of you make "stop playing the race card' I have never known a racist that didn't immediately use this silly remark as a weak defense after he/she was properly outted/identified as what they truly are. I have been dealing with people like you since the early 60s, trust me when I say that there is nothing that you could possibly utter that I haven't heard at least a thousand times before, maybe in a different context or with a few words changed to better fit the particular group of minorities that are being attacked. I bet you even claim to be a Christian!

I actually wasn't even specifically referring to Arizona when I was speaking about you illegals, I was referring to this entire country. It doesn't matter in the least how Mexico viewed this area/state, how large or small the population of Mexicans were, or if there were disputes between different groups in Mexico. (That's the business of the Mexican Government and it's people) None of this smokescreen that you attempted to blow my way, justifies a European invasion, nor does it lend legitimacy to your erroneous claim that the decedents of the invaders (you) are the gatekeepers over the stolen land and somehow have a right to claim that the indigenous people of this region have no business on their own land.

Your silly and childlike rant is filled with references to "Americans" the U.S. etc., the very fact that you are constantly trying to pass foreign invaders and their European decedents (you) off as Americans, should in and of itself prove how twisted, misinformed and disingenuous almost everything you think and say is likely to be. In reference to your cartoonish rant of the day about how I Can get out if I have a problem with European invaders attempting to control the region, my response to you is the obvious. As a European invader on foreign soil, YOU have absolutely NO right or authority to tell anyone to go anywhere, if you cant deal with that simple truth perhaps you should sell your trailer, pack up your Willie Nelson tapes and head to the International airport. Don't forget to swing Weight Watchers and pick up your wife. As far as your racist rant against the "La Raza Studies" you have lost that battle as well, there is a well organized and highly successful movement taking place to bring MAS to every school Nationwide, not just in Arizona.

Almost every point you attempted to make about the Border Patrol is riddled with untruths, half truths and absolute lies! Not only do you NOT have a clue how background checks are conducted, how a file can lay on someone's desk for months and never even be processed, how a lack of manpower or hiring surges can effect the reliability of these processes or even that passing a background check in most instances, means absolutely nothing except that the person has never been caught or his mental instability has never piqued anyone's attention. Having been raised in a Police family (Real Ones) I am well aware of the mentality (or lack thereof) that one must possess to seriously compare a Border Guard to a real cop. (something you attempt to do all throughout your post/rant)

"I would like to know what they are doing that is "unconstitutional." Really?? You mean to tell me that a person like me who gets all of their information/education from the La Raza Studies at TUSD, can compile 3 1/3 file boxes (and growing) of documentation on these types of incidents/cases and a smart individual like you who quotes history and case law I(n a weak attempt to cover-up thousands of actual occurrences), cannot find any proof??? Have you ever shot a straight line in your life about anything? so incredibly pitiful - gotta suck to only have hate as one's companion. I am well aware of the 'Constitution Free' zones that have been set-up in our nation. none of this is applicable to my previous comments. Illegal Immigration began in 1492, Deal with it !!

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Posted by NormSutter on 03/15/2014 at 8:56 AM

Re: “Feeding the Monster

Got to love these people who stand on foreign soil with their pink skin, speaking the Kings English and telling the indigenous people of this continent that they don't belong here in their homeland. Don't like illegal immigrants? stop being one 1-800 FLY EUROPE, Please take your family with you. I love how the European invaders ratchet on and on about how "Hundreds of U.S Citizens fought and died to make the U.S the free country it is today".. If you want hero's shouldn't you actually be discussing how many of your European invader ancestors were lost murdering and pillaging this continent while stealing it from its rightful owners, so people like you can provide us with comedy relief as you stand here all full of yourselves claiming a land that is NOT and can NOT ever be yours. You people do realize that you are nothing more than the decedents of illegal European anchor babies, don't you?

Now getting back to the subject matter of this article. The United states Border Patrol is out of control, they have morphed into nothing more than a poorly trained, unintelligent, rogue vigilante squad. The thousands of illegal and unconstitutional actions that have taken place by this Agency and it's representatives are well documented. Since the lives of the dark skinned people who belong in this region, mean nothing to you because your imaginary border line crossed them many decades ago, Perhaps you would like to discuss the hundreds of recent abuse cases that are pending from American Citizens (yes, the fake pink ones that you so dearly love) No matter how much, disingenuous people attempt to rally behind this Rogue Agency and defend their inexcusable actions, the fact remains that there are BIG changes needed within this agency, including but not limited to.. Independent citizen monitors, congressional oversight and a total revamp of their policies, procedures, hiring standards and training. Rest assured these changes are coming and they are coming much faster than most people imagine. Excellent article by the way.

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Posted by NormSutter on 03/14/2014 at 12:48 PM

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