Night Moves

Rated R 112 minutes 2014

Jesse Eisenberg follows up his bravura 2014 performance in “The Double” with another winner in this, a chilling eco-terrorism drama that taps into the actor’s darker side, and benefits from it. Josh (Eisenberg) is a radical environmentalist and organic farmer. Along with his two like-minded accomplices, Dena and Harmon (Dakota Fanning and Peter Sarsgaard), he plans to blow up a nearby dam, thereby making some sort of grand ecological statement. They accomplish their immediate goals, but aren’t prepared for the ripple effects of their actions. For anybody thinking a film like “Night Moves” is suggestive or dangerous in that it could give stupid people stupid ideas, I’d back off that platform. Nothing works out right in the land of Josh and his cohorts. The movie is a strong statement on how good, planet-conscious intentions can be transformed into totally moronic acts by selfish people who aren’t using their brains. The trio at the center of this movie are terrorists and, in the end, there is nothing just about their cause.

Film Credits

Director: Kelly Reichardt

Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Dakota Fanning, Peter Sarsgaard, Alia Shawkat, Logan Miller, Kai Lennox, Katherine Waterston and James Le Gros


Night Moves

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