National Lampoon's Van Wilder

Rated NR

The franchise of failure decides to continue its losing streak with a cast full of has-beens and a few never-will-be's in this cliche-driven racist, prejudiced, and sexist cinematic insult obsessed with male genitalia and implausible situations. Pretty boy charmer, Ryan Reynolds, assumes Chevy Chase's leading man role as a legendary college kid who refuses to leave the supposedly ideal life of STD's, naked mile running competitions and topless tutors. Even when daddy's little boy gets cut off from the family funds, the big man on campus tries to pay his own tuition as the God of party planning with the help of his sex-obsessed exchange student and stoned mini-Dennis Rodman disciples. Tara Reid is tossed in sporadically in order to make a failing attempt at acting as a young and voluptuous Lois Lane, just as Moonlighting's Curtis Armstrong and The Breakfast Club's Paul Gleason make a failing attempt at relinquishing any strand of a career they thought they once had. So, all of this inane drivel basically boils down to a big fat quandary of why this movie was ever made in the first place.

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