National Lampoon's Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj

Rated NR

I’d like to say that this is the worst film I’ve ever seen, except that it feels more like a re-enactment of the worst film I’ve ever seen. Ostensibly a Crazy College Comedy, VW2 contains every single clichéd character, shelf-worn set piece and contrived moment of every other college comedy, only without the laughs. It’s as though the producers were utterly uninterested in entertainment, and instead opted for accuracy of representation. This film is to true comedy as a Civil War re-creation society’s “Battle of Gettysburg” is to the real Battle of Gettysburg. Only here, it’s clear that absolutely no one had a good time. I urge you and everyone in the nation to see this so that Hollywood will make more films of this caliber, thus destroying the entire movie industry and leading to the destruction of the American economy. Maybe, after that, the world will no longer live in fear of the U.S. Army marching into their tiny countries and forcing them to watch films that were excreted from the cancerous bowels of bloated, semi-literate Southern Californians.

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