Nancy Drew

Rated NR

The latest in a series of Nancy Drew adaptations—including late-1930s films with Bonita Granville and the TV series in the 1970s starring Pamela Sue Martin—stars Emma Roberts as the titular teen sleuth from Carolyn Keene’s popular book series. In time-warp attire (complete with knee socks and penny loafers), the always-peppy detective studies up on sand castles, nonchalantly diffuses bombs and remains oblivious to her old-fashioned and well-mannered ways, despite the self-absorbed fashionistas around her. Instead, the nonconformist collects clues to solve the mystery behind the unusual death of a Hollywood movie star. Meanwhile, faceless tough guys try to kill her; bratty school girls conspire to steal her would-be beau; and a mini Tony Soprano follows her at her heels. Director Andrew Fleming co-wrote this film with Tiffany Paulsen, which balances hip and retro for an adequate adaptation that will appease the young-female target audience.

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