My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Rated NR

Do you, preppy and traditional English teacher, take this former frumpy but always-quirky waitress to be your lawfully wedded wife? I do. And do you, newly transformed va-va-vavoom travel agent, take this still preppy and traditional English teacher to be your lawfully wedded husband? I do. Then by the powers vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. If only it were that simple. When the bride is from an enormously proud Greek family that lives in a mini replica of the Parthenon complete with Corinthian columns and adorning statues where the father believes Windex is the almighty cure-all, the senile grandmother believes that the Turks are after her, and the food-loving mother believes that a baptism in an inflatable kiddie pool will fix everything, a marriage is a little more complicated. Writer and star, Nia Vardalos, shows these eccentric dilemmas and peculiar problems in this charming comedy that will tickle your heart until death do you part.

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