Ms. 45

Rated R 82 minutes 2013

It was 1981 when Abel Ferrara (Bad Lieutenant) first released his debut film, a low budget urban nightmare about a mute seamstress named Thana (Zoe Lund) going a little gun crazy after getting sexually assaulted twice in two different instances just minutes after another. New York City was dingy, grimy and messy (as opposed to the bright and shiny grimy mess it is today) and moviemakers were making a lot of revenge films. Ferrara’s film is outrageous for sure, but it suits the moment in which it was made. Lund does a good job in the central role, and the movie gets crazier and crazier as it goes along. Pimps, seedy photographers, and guys trying to return discarded bags of body parts, beware. When Thana puts on her Robert Palmer video makeup, you are in trouble. This is a new, polished print, so it looks better than it ever has. I imagine anybody who has seen this film experienced it on a crappy VHS, so the clean presentation might be a bit jarring. It’s pretty good for what it is, quite funny as it moves along, and much better than the majority of Death Wish movies. This is the very definition of cult film. Best part of the movie: a dude playing a trumpet that sounds suspiciously like a saxophone.

Film Credits

Director: Abel Ferrara

Cast: Zoë Tamerlis, S. Singer, Jack Thibeau, Peter Yellen, Darlene Stuto, Editta Sherman, Albert Sinkys and Jimmy Laine

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