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Third generation Arizona, 57 year old tree service owner. Born/raised in Tucson,Into saddle mules ,BMW g/s bikes ,Pinzgauers, old guns. Past/present occupations Union heavy equiptment operator, cetified surgical tech, cross country semi , arborist.

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Re: “Mailbag

#1 heard anything about "white" Russians lately ? Canadian , Serbian ....etc. #2 What makes or breaks a country are the people and their actions ,not the location /borders. You say that we are reluctant to share our wealth. How about if we keep the wealth that we have earned with blood sweat and honest hard work and the ones that want the same ,do the same ?What I have was obtained with honest(legal) hard workand feel it wrong to share without my consent.Maybe if the employers obeyed the laws that forbid them to hire illegals then more immigrants would come legally. Maybe if the US would enforce the drug USE laws there would not be a market for the smugglers? #3 This whole stink isnt about immigration,its about ILLEGAL immigration. If you dont like the laws then change them. Dont just ignore them.Making some follow the laws and not others is true discrimination.

Posted by man on the mule on 07/01/2010 at 8:07 PM

Re: “Guest Opinion

Peoples ,tribes, nations whatever you want to call them , have been warring and taking from one another since before recorded history. Watch the news. It is still happening all over the world now.It is not presently socially acceptable . In years past it was. "The laws change and change and change" If you want the situation to change ,then change the laws. Breaking the law is illegal by definition. Untill the laws are changed I believe that the people living in the area /country that the law is in need to be law abiding. If you want to be all caring get it together and bring about the changes that you feel are right. I am 4th generation Az. and in my 57 years I have seen jobs that were gladly done by me and others be taken by people that are willing to do them for less than a living wage.( In my opinion because they were able to do so because of assistance from government and freebee sources taking on the responsibilities that I choose to provide for myself and my family) Why should part of us have to live by the law and another part be allowed to ignore the law? This whole stink is not ,in my opinon about immigration. It is about ILLEGAL imigration. It is not fair to the ones that do obey the law.

Posted by man on the mule on 07/01/2010 at 7:41 PM

Re: “Politics and Open Pits

Hey Chris, I havent seen anyone being censored. Not even you, a mine employee with an obvious agenda. Flag waving for the US while trying to sell a finite US resource to a foreign country giving the money to yet another foreign country ,leaving the people of this country with a hugh unnatural disaster and an eyesore for the generations of the future to clean up and pay for.

Posted by man on the mule on 06/03/2010 at 6:10 PM

Re: “Minding the Mine

First, as a 4th generation Arizona resident, I am not against mining. I am for it when it can be done in a sane way. First, the water. The water that the mine will use comes from the Sahuarita and Alvernon area. They want to recharge in Marana. Water flows downstream, not up. A major drawdown (neighborhood of 5000 gallons per minute, 24 hours a day) would most definately cause a migration of the already present but stable sulfur plume from the west side of I-19 into the water supply of Sahuarita/Green Valley. Does everybody have their clothespins ready to put on their noses when they take a shower? Got to love that rotten egg smell/taste. All this when they say we need the copper for developement, etc. Maybe the new source of copper can be the salvage of the pipes, wire, etc. from the homes that would be abandoned due to no water source? Next the logistics. The mines on the west side of I-19 have railroads for their supply. I have not noticed the trains on highway 83 yet, although it will seem like there is when the heavy mine traffic starts. Next, PR bull. Here a few weeks ago, the mines sent a couple guys over to the Helvetia ruins to "preserve" them. They built a very nice 3' chain link fence around the already distroyed (one 2' pile of washed out adobe ) ruins. I had the opportunity to talk to the gentlemen doing the work. The mine claims that they are bringing jobs to us. The workers were glad to have the jobs for sure, they were brought all the way from Idaho to do the fencing. Idaho? Not really local. Maybe there was some skill required to build that fence that none of our locals could provide. Great start on doing what they say they are going to, by creating jobs for our local economy. Next the copper. The copper is already contracted to China. China is in dire need of copper for its own development so don't expect a very big chunk to be coming back here. Japan has already got the rights to the gold and silver (a big chunk of their start up costs came from the $80 million deposit from the Japan deal). So as I see it so far, a Canadian company takes a finite US resource sells it to a foreign country(s) distroys a really nice place, gives "locals" some temporary jobs, leaves a natural diaster for the future generations to deal with, and then skips town. Rosemont. PRESERVING THAT WHICH IS ALREADY DISTROYED WHILE DISTROYING THAT WHICH NEEDS PRESERVING

Posted by man on the mule on 05/29/2010 at 1:36 PM

Re: “Rosemont Mine Update: Star Follows Green Valley News

It sometimes seems that the people most in charge of a situation are most often the least informed or effected. Maybe when the water table is too far down to reach ,and the runoff from the pit is streaming down around the mountain to Tucson, we can open up a new source of copper..... tearing out the plumbing/wiring from the houses that have been abandoned by the laid off miners and the people who had to leave their homes because of no water. Another sign of forthought.... a couple of weeks ago Rosemount performed an act of conservation! They sent a crew out to the old townsite in Helvetia and had them put up a very nice 3' fence around the ruins. Humm.... sounds great. They are preserving a bit of history,giving work to our community,saving a historical site. well not really. First, the ruins are already distroyed. The ever increasing traffic as a result of the drilling etc on the east side of the Sant Ritas has lead to the reduction of the townsite to a pile of adobes about 18" tall. Second the work provided was to a crew from Idaho. Not exactly local labor force. And last the saving of the "historical site". The fence may provide the "local wokers" a place to sit on when they are tearing up the area to install the 20" plus water line that is going to be run just feet from the "presearved townsite". You know, the water line that will pump 5000 gallons a minute out of the Sahuarita water supply. 24/7. No fear. They are going to recharge that water. DOWNSTREAM in Marana.I guess if they can get all of that water to go over the mountain they can get the recharge to go upstream to Sahuarita.Problem is if they dont.... that sulphur under the existing mines to the west of I19 will be drawn over into Green Valley and Sahuarita water wells. Hope you all have clothes pins to put on your noses to stop the sulphur smell when you take a shower.( if you have water to take that shower) Yes that is a great natural resourse,but we dont have the way to get to it without useing up the most valuable and needed requirment for life. WATER. Besides ,that resource is OURS. I pesonally think it is a slap in the face to Americans to have a Canadian company take our resource and sell it to China/Japan while paying us the labor charges and leaving us with a multi generation scar and biohazard. ROSEMONT presearving that which is already distroyed,while distroying that which should be presearved.

Posted by man on the mule on 04/24/2010 at 10:31 AM

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