Malibu's Most Wanted

Rated NR

This one-joke wonder of an over-privileged white teen who tries to channel his inner Tupac with fresh gansta gear and a gyrating high-pitched voice spewing street lingo nonsense is mad wack as Malibu’s least wanted. Jamie Kennedy, with his own lame-brained reality show on the WB, stars as the ridiculous homie wannabe whose governor-to-be father is embarrassed by his inexplicable reluctance to pose as a player. The patriarch of the incredibly dysfunctional family hires two black classically schooled, well-spoken actors in Dockers and Keds to simulate ghetto life in order to scare the "black" out of the little Eminem that could. Despite the good intentions of proving that gangsta life is more than skin color deep, director John Whitesell—of See Spot Run—should quit frontin’ as bein’ off the hinges so his posse in the audience won’t be dissed by this hizzy fashizzle.

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