Looney Tunes: Back in Action

Rated PG 91 minutes 2003

Fast-paced high jinks, homage to classic films, every Warner Bros. cartoon character from Daffy Duck to Marvin the Martian and an excessively eccentric live- action villain make this frantic romp fun for the whole family. Brendan Fraser co-stars with the Looney Tunes as the son of a renowned super spy who boldly embarks on a dangerous mission to thwart the evil ACME chairman. Steve Martin blatantly overacts as this nasally voiced scoundrel in a suit half his size. Throughout the adventure, young movie-goers will be entertained by the cameos of WB cartoon characters that color the screen while implausible cartoon physics add to the film’s playful action. The older crowd will appreciate the classic WB trademarks of shameless product placements, the clever escapade in and out of famous paintings at the Louvre and spoofs of films like Psycho. Looney Tunes are definitely back in action.

Film Credits

Official Site: www.looneytunes.com

Director: Joe Dante

Producer: Bernie Goldman, Paula Weinstein, Larry Doyle and Chris de Faria

Cast: Brendan Fraser, Jenna Elfman, Steve Martin, Timothy Dalton, Heather Locklear, Joan Cusack, Bill Goldberg, Joe Alaskey, Jeff Glenn Bennett, Billy West, Eric Goldberg, Don Stanton, Dan Stanton, Dick Miller, Roger Corman, Kevin McCarthy, Jeff Gordon and Matthew Lillard

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