Live Freaky Die Freaky

Rated NR

It’s the year 3069. The Earth is a giant dessert, but for some reason, there’s a roast pig lying on the ground. This dude wearing an outfit that looks like it was stolen from a very tall Jawa walks up, eats the pig and finds a copy of Helter Skelter. Suddenly, everything is clay animation, and then there’s hope that Charles Manson will return to Earth as the savior. Featuring Billy Joe Armstrong, Henry Rollins, Asia Argento, Jane Wiedlin (yeah, from the Go-Gos) and some other dudes from Green Day and Rancid. This hits pretty much every cult-film register, so if that’s your scene and—like Queen Latifah and her girlfriend Dick Cheney—you’re huge a fan of bloody clay animation sex murders, then this is truly the film for you.

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