League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Rated NR

True, the 19th century is the age that ushered in such charming concepts and conceits as universal suffrage, fair treatment for workers and the neck-beard, but it is no doubt best remembered for being the age that invented scientific super-powers. Figures like The Invisible Man and Dr. Jekyll, and such adventurers as Allan Quatermain and Captain Nemo, kicked off an entire genre, which the makers of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen attempt to capture by gathering these, and other 19th century literary heroes, together into a single super-team. Sadly, they lose sight of their 19th century roots and go in for too much 20th-century style action, creating a bit of a mess in the end. Still, there’s a lot of fun here, including what may well be Sean Connery’s best performance in years. I can’t wholeheartedly recommend this film, but then I can’t wholeheartedly recommend the Napoleanic Wars, the Edison Light Bulb or Positivism either, so perhaps I just have some reservations about the inventions of that bygone age.

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