Lawless Heart

Rated NR

Three intersecting stories about wayward men on the Isle of Man. Nick is a gay restaurateur whose lover has just passed on, so he tries straight sex and sorrow. It doesn’t quite fill the hole, so to speak, so he lets Tim move in with him. Tim is the stereotype of the prodigal son, come back for more prodigality, which leaves him wearing funny scarves and a black eye. Meanwhile, Tim’s cousin-in-law Dan, a shy and retiring middle-aged man, changes his life by having oral love in a car with a woman who is neither his wife nor an acquaintance. The film does that thing where it keeps going back in time to the same point and telling the story from a different perspective. Lots of handheld shots, pretty time-lapse pictures of the beach and sad stories about love make this a diverting 90 minutes. Plus, I mean, you know: The Isle of Freakin’ Man!!!!

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