Lady Vengeance

Rated NR

Director Chan-wook Park completes his “revenge trilogy” with this alternately beautiful and revolting story of revenge, vengeance and violent reprisal. The eye-catching Yeong-ae Lee plays Geum-ja, a woman who was convicted of kidnapping and murdering a young boy. But, of course, there’s more to the story, as she becomes the titular Lady Vengeance and goes on an O.J.-esque quest to find The Real Killers. The first 42 minutes of this film are gorgeous and inventive, cutting back and forth between perfectly composed shots to hint at a story of betrayal and perseverance. But then things go horribly awry as Lady Vengeance becomes a grotesque revenge film. I imagine that those with strong stomachs, a taste for art and no moral qualms about torture would enjoy this film.

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