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Stars Pick Their Top Five! This Week: Sleepspent


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Drawing inspiration from the nocturnal shoegaze acts of the 90s, El Paso indie rockers Sleepspent manage to be lethargic and passionate at the same time. Still a young band (only releasing their debut EP earlier this year), they've crafted a unique sound of moody guitars, subtle vocals, and plenty of shifting layers. Occasionally they'll throw in some jangly acoustics to shake things up, which works out perfect for a band refusing to focus on one sound too long.

Drift into Sleepspent at Monterey Court. 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 4. 505 W. Miracle Mile.

Radiohead - COURTESY
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  • Radiohead


In Rainbows

We could've picked any Radiohead record for this choice, but In Rainbows is a gorgeous record that we listen to often on tour. The synthesis of electronic and live components on this record is something that inspires our own songwriting, and shows an evolution in their sound that we all enjoy. Austin is particularly obsessed, and we all can say we've loved this record for a long time. —Austin, Josh and Grant

King Krule - COURTESY
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  • King Krule

King Krule


The sounds of The OOZ are something that we look towards for inspiration for sure. The grooves have inspired Josh's grooves and the odd synth sounds throughout are the types of sounds Austin loves. Archie's voice is one of the most unique voices in modern indie music, and inspires Austin's use of his voice albeit in completely different ways. The overall sound of the record is one that we all love. —Austin, Josh and Grant

Joy Division - COURTESY
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  • Joy Division

Joy Division

Unknown Pleasures

I feel like Ian Curtis' live performances are unrivaled in terms of self-expression. When we play our live shows, I try to channel my own passion and avoid my inhibitions in light of his artistic achievements. —Grant

Jeff Buckley - COURTESY
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  • Jeff Buckley

Jeff Buckley


Grace is my desert island record. I listen to it on repeat frequently and take great inspiration from Buckley's vocals. I actually take a lot of guitar-based inspiration from this record too, with its off-kilter chord progressions that strive to be unique and emotional. His story is one of the the most affecting musical tragedies to me, and his mastery of his craft is stunning. —Austin

Mutemath - COURTESY
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  • Mutemath



I turn to this record a lot when needing inspiration for new drum parts. Darren King has influenced me stylistically, and has made me comfortable with expressing myself through performance. —Josh



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