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You know, for the last hundred years there has been entirely too much Promoting of the General Welfare and Creating a More Perfect Union and way too damned little Securing of the Blessings of Liberty. - Tamara Keel

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Re: “Guest Commentary

Well, here it is, October 15. How's that "Affordable" "Care" Act working out for you so far?

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Posted by KBaker on 10/15/2013 at 8:16 AM

Re: “Stop This Mine


There are three (3) functioning copper smelters I'm aware of left in the United States: one in Miami, AZ that is run by Freeport McMoran, one in Kearny that is operated by ASARCO, and one in Magna, UT run by Kennecott. The one in El Paso? Closed and torn down. The one in Hurley, NM? Closed and torn down. The one in San Manuel, AZ? Closed and torn down. The Hidalgo smelter in Playas, NM? Closed and torn down. And environmentalists want to close the remaining three down as well.

There are no domestic manufacturers remaining for the very large crushers and mills used by modern mining companies. They've been put out of business here.

It's not NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) anymore, it's the far more accurate BANANAs - Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything. Arizona Clean Fuels has been trying to build an oil refinery near Yuma for the last decade at least, the first new refinery in this nation in something like 30 years. It's literally easier to get a permit to build a nuclear reactor than it is to build a new refinery.

Fracking for natural gas and oil? Oh no! Can't do that! It might harm the environment! Drilling for oil off our own shores? Oh no! Can't do that! It might harm the environment! Meanwhile other countries will drill off our shores. Build a pipeline from Canada to Texas? Oh no! Can't do that! It might harm the environment! Instead, Canada will build a pipeline across the Rockies, ship the oil to China, and probably get some of it back from Chinese refineries where they don't have the EPA to protect their environment.

No one will convince me that the opposition to Rosemont is because the company is Canadian - it's people who don't want to see anyone mine anything anywhere. Astronomy? Astronomy produces wealth? No, Astronomy redistributes other people's wealth, either through taxes or from philanthropy. Astronomy does not contribute to the nation's GDP.

We cannot import everything from nations that we don't care about polluting. Like your Prius? Have you seen the mine from which the nickel for the batteries is drawn? Like your iPod earbuds? Seen the rare-earth mines in China where the neodymium comes from? (Same place the rare-earths come from for that Prius motor, BTW.) So, what the hell, let's not bother opening the Rosemont mine! We can buy the copper we need from China like everything else! We won't have to see that ugly hole in the ground, or the tailings piles. Of course, the Chinese don't have to meet our air quality standards, or safety standards, or water quality standards or any of that, but hey! It's not in our back yard!

Grow up. Face reality. Natural resources come out of the ground. Deal with it.

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Posted by KBaker on 02/29/2012 at 2:57 PM

Re: “Guns Galore

@SafeinNYC: I think your attribution of gun control providing safety in NYC is effectively disproven by the experiences of Chicago and Washington D.C. Chicago had a handgun ban and Illinois has licensing and registration, yet Chicago is one of the most dangerous cities for gun violence in the country. In D.C. they also had a complete ban on handguns and functional firearms in the home, which was overturned by the Heller decision - whereupon gun crime in D.C. DROPPED.

As for the article, it required more of a response than a mere comment: http://tinyurl.com/7l6qqjr

Posted by KBaker on 01/10/2012 at 7:02 AM

Re: “Danehy

Taking after Paul Krugman, Danehy? "You can't build a bonfire in a clearing and then deny any culpability when the embers get caught in the breeze and ignite dry tinder somewhere downwind." Sounds like you've arrested, tried and convicted in your own mind. You don't recall Obama's "they bring a knife, we'll bring a gun" rhetoric? On what did you blame the Ft. Hood massacre? The D.C. snipers? James Jay Lee, the guy who took hostages at the Discovery Channel? John Patrick Bedell, the Pentagon shooter? For you THIS massacre is the sole responsibility of the Tea Party and its supporters?

How convenient. But it says more about you than about them.

You say, "I don't like much of what the Republicans do and/or try to do. In broad generalities, I believe that Republicans don't give a crap about the environment and poor people, and that much of what they do legislatively is designed solely to keep themselves in office and to help their fat, rich friends get fatter and richer, which also helps keep them in office," but you've never said they're "bent on destroying the country." No? I'll bet you've THOUGHT it.

You say "That kind of talk only goes in one direction." Oh really? Shall I run you a list? How about Joy Behar on Sharron Angle - "That b!t*h is going to Hell." Democrat Rep. Paul Kanjorski of Pennsylvania on Rick Scott, Republican candidate for Florida governor: "Instead of running for governor of Florida, they ought to have him and shoot him. Put him up against the wall and shoot him." Rob Reiner, on Bill Maher's show compared Tea Party supporters to Nazis. The Times Square bombing attempt was blamed by Mayor Bloomberg on "someone who didn't like health care or something." Bill Maher himself recently declared that the NRA should just change their name to the "Assassin's Lobby." That's not hate-speech? None of THAT could "become an insistent whisper in some nut-job's head"?

Would you like more? I can provide it.

You're proud of Sheriff Dupnik? The man is supposed to be a law officer, an impartial enforcer of the law, not an advocate for the defense - and make no mistake, that's what his statements are - a defense of the man guilty of planning and carrying out that massacre. It's not his fault, the nasty Tea Party MADE him do it!

Somebody puts a car bomb in Times Square, don't rush to judgement!

Somebody shoots a bunch of soldiers on a military base, don't rush to judgement!

Somebody takes hostages at a cable TV channel, don't rush to judgement!

Somebody starts sniping at people in Washington D.C, well obviously it's an angry white male.

Somebody shoots a Democrat politician, obviously it's the fault of the Tea Party.

What happened to "don't rush to judgement"?

I'll tell you what happened - it gave you the opportunity you've been waiting for to lash out at your (increasingly effective) opposition.

Yes, there was a cause here, but that cause was paranoid schizophrenia, not political rhetoric.

I've more to say, but this isn't the forum for it.

Posted by KBaker on 01/13/2011 at 9:35 PM

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