Kate and Leopold

Rated NR

Audiences are stuck with yet another lame and predictable fish-out-of-water flick as a nameless, faceless aspiring Nobel Prize winner (Liev Schreiber) travels through the windows of time and returns from 1876 with the overly refined Duke of Albany (Hugh Jackman). Of course, this dignitary now must fumble his way through today's technological advances of telephones, toaster ovens and tater tots until he stumbles upon the inevitable love interest. The always-adorable Meg Ryan plays the single suitor who, to no surprise, is swept off her corporate feet by the Duke's stuffed-shirt ways just before he must return to the 19th century. The film's finale does not stray from the unshocking format, either, but the messages about fate, values and love's boundless powers as well as the actors' attention-getting performances manage to raise this film's status from failure to adequate popcorn flick.

Film Credits

Director: James Mangold

Cast: Meg Ryan, Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber

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