Juwanna Mann

Rated NR

The tradition of entertainment featuring men in drag—from Uncle Miltie and Some Like It Hot, through Bosom Buddies and Tootsie, to Big Momma’s House and Sorority Boys—makes it a bona fide genre unto itself. Unfortunately, the one-note joke is almost always predicated on the sad truth that most men look scarily atrocious dressed as women—Jaye Davidson, John Cameron Mitchell and RuPaul excepted. As a basketball pro booted from his team for misconduct, Miguel A. Nuñez Jr. looks pretty heinous when he masquerades as a gal to join the female professional b-ball ranks, but his appeal is not nearly as awful as that of this clumsy, sub-par comedy. Not even the acting chops of Kevin Pollack or the jaw-dropping beauty of real woman Vivica A. Fox can save this piece of trash. When even the basketball looks shoddy (it would’ve been refreshing to stage some convincing action), you know you’re in for a bore.

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