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just a regular guy seeking justice for a wrong that PEASLEY manufactured!

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Re: “Seeking Justice

Great expose' in the Arizona Republic this past Sunday-Wednesday about prosecutorial mis-conduct in this State! To see words printed again concerning Ken Peasley's disbarment in 2004, has again, had an impact on my level of anger, and bitterness.

How can these reporters continue to call Peasley a LIAR, and CHEATER, and the case that Peasley maliciously, and wrongfully prosecuted from March 03, 1980, still fester like an open wound. What do I have to do to convince this County Attorney LaWall, that Peasley allowed a farce and mockery of justice to happen? That Peasley staged the "crime scene", with his co-worker's Ken Janes, and Steven Bunting(TPD), and then tried to "buy" Gregory A. Bottoni's false testimony, so that Peasley could get a wrongful death sentence against an innocent man! When one starts the lie, there is no way out except to continue the lie! And that is exactly what Peasley has done in this case. Once he set the theory that Gluth pulled the trigger, there was no turning back for Peasley, and that is why Peasley LOST the case at two trials! I WON! Not the LIAR Peasley!

Peasley lives, because he is a LIAR. LaWall, and her chief criminal prosecutor, Unklsebay, absoloutely adore Peasley. Why? He was caught lying, and cheating! Why do they defend the loser? The scrub Peasley! Sure, sure he's dead now, and Bottoni should not be so angry anymore! Yeah Right!

LaWall... EXONERATE Bottoni, and GLUTH for the murder that John I Singer committed!

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Posted by JUSTICE BETRAYED on 10/31/2013 at 3:37 PM

Re: “Seeking Justice

This Pima County Attorney's office, Through its agents, Kenneth J. PEASLEY, and, along with other co-conspirators from the investagatory arm of the PCAO, the TPD(Pat KELLY), sought to intentionally violate the Constitutional Rights of Alan Lee GLUTH, and Gregory A. BOTTONI.

That violation continues today, as of this writing. Kenneth J. PEASLEY, Stven BUNTING, and Steve BOGARD, sought BOTTONI out in August of 1980 at the Pima County Jail, shortly before trial, and presented a "plea bargain", that would have BOTTONI falsely testify to the jury, that GLUTH did the shooting on March 03, 1980, that GLUTH had a "white towel" wrapped around his hand, and fired the fatal shot, that killed the victim in this case, Bill TELLER of Texas. Simply would NOT happen!! I would not agree to falsely testify to a jury, and PEASLEY made the rude comment that, he(PEASLEY) "would take me down at trial, for 25 years to LIFE"! My response was, " bring it on"!

That begs the question? Why would PEASLEY seek Bottoni out to wrongfully testify to the jury??? The answer rests in the Arizona Supreme Court's opinion of 2004, concerning PEASLEY'S disbarrment! The " DISHONEST MOTIVE " of PEASLEY'S, wasto have BOTTONI, who was a NON-FELON at that time of trial, falsely testify, and have credibility with jury, thus insuring a wrongful conviction, and possible death sentence for GLUTH!

NOW, since PEASLEY'S disbarrment, Rick UNKLSEBAY was assigned the case CR-00002883. BOTTONI redily admits that he has been requesting UNCONDITIONAL EXONERATION since BOTTONI'S release from prison in 1989.

There is no other way out of this Farce and Mockery of Justice, that PEASLEY, and his boss, NEELY, and others manufactured! UNCONDITIONAL EXONERATION FOR GREGORY A. BOTTONI, AND ALAN LERE GLUTH.

Barbara LAWALL, then you bring SINGER dob 05-01-1957, and rightfully charge SINGER with murder of Bill TELLER on March 03, 1980. K.I.S.S.

Signed: Gregory A. BOTTONI

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Posted by JUSTICE BETRAYED on 06/06/2013 at 11:16 AM

Re: “Seeking Justice

Rick begs for civility! "Refreshing", he states! I would like nothing more, Rick Unklsebay, if that is trully you, of the Pima County Attorney's office, to have that, whatever you called it, discussion about why you, and LaWall, refuse to charge John I SINGER, dob, 05-01-1957, with the shooting, and Murder, of the victim, Bill Teller, on March 03, 1980, at 719. S. 4th Ave.

Peasley tried to answer at trial, why a Paraphigm test is not reliable for determining if a person fired a gun within 24 hours of the test. One would think that an "honest" attorney, and investigator, would want that very answer, before charging someone, wrongfully, with Felony-Murder! Never mind the eye-witness's, Enrico Laos, and, Michelle Kimble, who picked SINGER out of a police line-up, as the person who was at the door, with myself, and Gluth! Then Enrico Laos tells the TPD, at 4th and Broadway, that night, " "No, neither of those person's(Bottoni or Gluth) was the person I(Laos) saw run by me with a gun"..., just mere seconds after the fatal shot was fired by SINGER!

Now, again, for the record Unklsebay, Peasley is a LIAR, and CHEATER........... and he, Janes, Bunting, and more likely than not, you, and Barbara, are complicit in this unbelievable cover-up!

34 YEARS, and counting, that my Constitutional right to a fair hearing, has been denied to me! And you, and you alone Unklsebay, and, LaWall, are responsible for the on-going PTSD, and associated nightmares, and social outcast that I, Gregory A> Bottoni, have become. UNCONDITIONAL EXONERATION that goes all the way back to the LIE that started the descent of this case for PEASLEY. Then you LaWall, charge the right person(SINGER) with murder of Bill Teller! In LAW, they call that K.I.S

Gregory A. BOTTONI

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Posted by JUSTICE BETRAYED on 05/31/2013 at 11:25 AM

Re: “Seeking Justice

Unklsebay continues this, " the jury spoke ", thing!

When there are LIES, and CHEATING, by the State, the jury does not get all of the truth! IE., Kenneth J. Peasley's LIES to the jury 1980, and retrial 1981, (St. v ALAN LEE GLUTH and GREGORY A. BOTTONI), speaks loudly to how a jury cannot make the "right" decision, because of these corrupt attorneys LIES, and CHEATING! Then, to allow a "shooter-Murderer, to walk free, right out of that TPD, on March 10, 1980, under the color of 13-304, speaks largely to the character, and, or, lack of character, by these clowns over there at that PCAO!

Yes, they are LIARS, and CHEATERS, the Peasley's, and the LaWall's, and Unklsebay's of the world. Then, they make the victim of their LIES, look like they are mentally ill, or "sick", as the county attorney's office has shouted at me personally! "Guilty as sin"??? Unklsebay??? The Arizona Supreme Court, in 2004, made it PERFECTLY clear, who the "sick" one was! Kenneth Jack PEASLEY, Disbarred, Dishonored, and Disgraced before his peer group! And in mitigation, before the disciplinary committee, Unklsebay testify's to his friend's(Peasley) good character, and worth as an attorney! Guess what??? Every word that Unklsebay spewed out of his pie-hole, in favor of his friend Peasley, was pushed back on every point, and Peasley was DISBARRED for unethical behavior! Now, that begs the question? What does that say about Unksebay's character? Testify for a pathological LIAR, and CHEATER, then come back here and try to convince us that PEASLEY never LIED in any proceedings! Bwaahaaahaaa! Unkslebay! You are a LIAR, a CHEATER, and every other kind of vermin that exisits.


Then, and, only then, may I have some respect for that office, the TPD, and that one known as Ken JANES, another LIAR, and CHEATER employed there! Signed: Justice Betrayed, Gregory A. BOTTONI P.S. And Unksebay, i will always use my name, because you do not scare me, with your cell phone calls to the TPD! Every time I see you downtown, I will remind you, that you, and the rest of that vermin in there, are LIARS, and CHEATERS!! I beg you to have a sit down discussion with me! You will LOSE< like most LOSERS(Peasley) I beat him at trial! I WON, not you Unksebay, not you!

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Posted by JUSTICE BETRAYED on 05/31/2013 at 7:02 AM

Re: “Seeking Justice

Rick Unklsebay is a LIAR, and aCheater of the first kind! He will call me "guilty as sin" in public, but, will not debate the merits of a case that was wrongfully prosecuted by Kenneth J. Peasley. WHY??? Because Peasley, and Unklsebay, LaWall, and the rest of them, are forever linked to this debacle they created! And they insist that the jury spoke! Peasley intentionally mislead the jury, and that jury did not have the facts, the true facts, to make a good decision. Blame that on Peasley! Exonerate Bottoni, and Gluth Ms. county attorney, and Rick! John I SINGER shot and killed the victim, and Peasley let him walk. You can't handle the truth!

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Posted by JUSTICE BETRAYED on 05/30/2013 at 2:13 PM

Re: “Seeking Justice

In prison, there is NO choice, but, to survive! None of you have witnessed the horror of a killing by prison gangs! None of you!! Then sent back to "free" society, and cast to the curb, and told, there is no room at the inn for you! And the Liars and the cheaters...........

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Posted by JUSTICE BETRAYED on 05/30/2013 at 1:50 PM

Re: “Seeking Justice

Louis Taylor was given the same opportunity that I was given in 1987, by then court appointed lawyer, Suzzane Laursen. Sign the "plea", or you could face "more" time in prison, regarding a disparate sentence issue!

Notwithstanding the fact, that Kenneth J. Peasley was DISBARRED" in 2004, for the intentional introduction of false, and mis-leading testimony, and other unethical behavior by a homocide detecticve! One would wonder if the Gregory A. Bottoni case has merit? Has Peasley recieved his "Just Desserts", YET!

This county attorney LaWall, insists, through her cadre of corrupt cronies over there at that PCAO, to include one Ken Janes, on maintaining this LIE that Peasley manufactured! These Liars, and Cheaters, on March 03, 1980, set out to stage a crime scene. Peasley, Janes, Steve Bunting(TPD) and others, were bent on railroading innocent person's. AGAIN.........

ALAN LEE GLUTH did NOT shoot , and kill the victim, Bill Teller! John I SINGER

Louis Tayor's case is not considered a "Garden Variety" murder case, such as, has my case been described as! Hmmmm.... Garden Variety? And that is why I am not entitled to a fair hearing! Right the Wrong, LaWall!!


Gregory A. Bottoni

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Posted by JUSTICE BETRAYED on 05/30/2013 at 10:36 AM

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