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Re: “Michael's Sad End

Hi Chandy UK, I liked reading your comment as well. I too, am a registered nurse; one who has served quite a few dying patients in my time, whether it be in ER, ICU, DOU (i.e. Telemetry), or Med-Surg units. Quite a few of these patients sometimes virtually begged for the release of death before dying, due to the intense pain they experiencing. A pain so intense sometimes that even the most powerful analgesics like morphine, demerol, dilaudid, oxycodone, etc, barely did anything to control their suffering, and attending nurses like me, began to feel quite depressed, just from watching them suffer before their deaths. So in comparison with poor folks like this, MJ had quite a blessed death indeed. Dr. Conrad Murray simply knocked him unconscious with a lethal cocktail of propofol, ativan, and xanax, and he thereafter never regained consciousness, due to the resultant respiratory and cardiac complications MJ experinced from receiving an overdose of such powerful sedatives. Of course the possibly accidental nature of this pharmacologically inflicted homicide, neither exonerates Dr. Conrad Murray from guilt of gross medical malpractice/negligence, nor does it change the fact that Dr. Conrad Murray, as a fully trained and licensed physician (Someone who has taken the Hippocratic Oat, and has pledged to observe the code of "Primum Non Nocere," i.e. he has pledged to "First Do No Harm."), should have known better, and should never have greedily aquiesced to MJ's insomnia driven demands. As a trained cardiologist, he should have exercised better judgement, and should never have given him a dangerous medication like propofol (which should never be used outside either an Operating Room, or an ICU Unit), in such a careless and negligent manner. You and I know as nurses that patients will on several occassions try to bully, bribe, cajole, or otherwise manipulate their caregivers, into giving them either pain medications, or powerful sedatives in a dangerous fashion, or at dangerously toxic levels, because they know no better (not having studied pharmacology, like we have), or else because they are experiencing unbearable pain. But the responsible licensed Healthcare Practitioner, has to be the grown-up in such situations, and has to very firmly say no, to the patient, in order both to save the patient's life (or health), as well as to, remain faithful to the oat we have all taken, to "First Do No Harm." Unfortunately Dr. Conrad Murray seems to have been totally blinded by his $150,000.00 a month paycheck and forgoten all about "Primum Non Nocere," he seems to have seen only huge dollar signs, and "out...[it seems]...through the...[proverbial]...window" went both his Hippocratic Oat, and years of medical training. And sadly now as a result of his greed and medical malpractice, we have lost Michael Jackson in an untimely, and entirely unnecessary manner. Peace Out Guys! May MJ rest in Peace!

Posted by John Odeh on 11/06/2009 at 11:58 AM

Re: “Michael's Sad End

Bob Grimm, you are such a donkey! I guess you think that you know more than the LA Coroner; who spent more than eight years in medical school learning how to determine the pre-death health of victims of a questionable deaths (not to mention his many years of experience as a practising Coroner). This same LA Coroner, declared in his autopsy report that Michael Jackson, had been in an excellent state of health for a man his age, except for slight inflammation of his lungs (which could have been a side effect of his Vitiligo; which is a variant of the disease called Systemic Lupus Erythematosus). Where if I may ask, did you get your medical degree, and what is it that qualifies you to give us a medical diagnosis of Michael Jackson's health-state during these final rehearsals of his. You are absolutely full of cr*p! I and millions of others watched this film, and I will trust my own eyes and ears, as well as my three plus years of healthcare practice in judging Michael Jackson's final health-state, before I listen to the hate-filled rants of a medically illiterate fool like yourself, or have you tell me that Michael was sick and on the verge of death during his final rehearsals. Did you even watch the movie at all? None of Michael Jackson's speech was incompresensible, I heard everything the man said loud and clear. It is not unusual in movies to sometimes subtitle an actor's speech, and the false as well as weird conclusion you arrive at from these occassional subtitles, only exposes your deep-seated hatred of Michael Jackson, and your ultimately futile attempt to paint him as a man past his prime. We his devoted fans, will do all we can in our life-times, to keep both his memory and artistic glory, fresh and alive forever, and there is nothing that anti Michael Jackson haters and disparagers like yourself, can ever do that will change that or end our goodwill towards this Great King of Pop. The more your depraved kind, attack and insult this great man, the more we will glorify and revere him, so eat your stinking loveless hate-filled hearts out! If indeed Michael Jackson's speech was subtitled because it was often incomprehensible as you state, then why was the speech of the choreographers, guitarists, pianists, aerialists, and many of the singers and dancers who came to audition for these shows also subtitled. Perhaps these often quite young singers, dancers, guitarists, pianists, aerialists, fashion designers, Kenny Ortega (himself), etc, were also mumbling incoherently and incomprehensibly due to old age, drug addiction fuelled illnesses, and artistic decline, etc, which they had somehow miraculously contracted from Michael Jackson? Last time I checked old age, drug addiction fuelled illness, and artistic decline, were not contagious! Or maybe it is you Bob Assh*le Grimm, who is deaf, demented, and writing filthy incomprehensible rubbish that arises from a dark stinking well, of deep-seated anti Michael Jackson bias and bigotry. You are so full of stinking Sh*t! Please spare us, the fake concern and tears about Michael Jackson's health (As well as your filthy tripe, about how his closest friends are now ripping him off for cash even in death. It is quite clear you have no love for this man! If you did even care for MJ in the slightest, you would never have written such a filthy and patently dishonest review about a movie meant to memorialize the man.) If you truly (though I seriously doubt it) don't know why subtitles were used in this movie, then may I educate your quite dense coconut-water filled skull of a brain, as to one very plausible explanation of why subtitles were used. "This Is It," is a movie that was designed for a global audience, and it is also filled with a very diverse and multinational cast. It is well known that people from one country, might not understand the accents of people from other countries (even when they are all English Speaking Countries). As such some English speaking Australian fans, or English speaking Nigerian fans, or Portugues speaking Brazilian fans of Michael Jackson, may not understand his US-style speech clearly, due to his heavily American accented English (apart from the fact that he was also quite soft-spoken). Therefore it would be most reasonable in such circumstances, to subtitle some of his soft-spoken American accented speech, as well as the variously accented speech of other members of this fine movie's diverse multicultural cast, in order to guarrantee clarity of their dialogue. But I actually think you know that already, and that you are just maliciously, and very deceitfully trying to put Michael Jackson down. Shame on you eternally for that! The man was in the prime of his life when he died! Michael Jackson has always been skinny. Even his musical videos as a kid, i.e. during his pre-pubescent "Jackson Five" days proves this (and back then he wasn't yet a vegetarian). After he became a vegetarian, he lost a considerable amount of the little weight he previously had, and he did not look any different in the movie "This Is It," than he has looked over the past ten years (Go watch the video of "Thriller"). Indeed the only new thing I noticed about his appearrance, was that he looked quite happy, relaxed, and excited in this movie; which is a side of him we have not seen lately in public, especially since all the unfair media bashing he received until his death began, following the spurious child molestation allegations that started in 1993. And I am really happy that Michael Jackson spent the last days of his life being happy; surrounded as he was, by people who loved and appreciated both the man, and what he did. And finally I quite glad also that he spent the last days of his life, doing what he loved doing the most, i.e. singing, dancing, rehearsing for what would have been a great series of comeback concerts, mentoring young upcoming artists, composing new melodies, directing concert-set arrangements, etc. Wow! What a way for any human being to bow out of this world, I actually somewhat envy this man, his joyous and relatively pain free exit from this our so often mundane existence, to what I hope is a better more loving world. Michael Jackson, you will shine among the brightest stars in the firmament of artistic geniuses forever, and I almost feel (like Achilles; The Fleet Footed and mighty warrior of ancient Greece) that such glory is worth dying young for. So spare us Mr. Lying Bob Grimm, your false concern about Michael Jackson's relatively excellent (i. e. for a 50 year old man) health. He has always rehearsed at half-strength before concerts, as any wise professional artist does, so you are not telling us anything new. The very day clips from these rehearsals footage were aired on cable news, many commentators on these cable news networks, noticed that Michael Jackson wasn't either letting it all hang out, or giving it his best (as he would do in a real concert), but they all also immediately stated that Michael Jackson was quite famous for holding back during rehearsals, and saving his best performances for the real stageg, and actual live concert. Your spiteful and disrespectful review of the movie "This Is It," only unmasks, either your own disgraceful ignorance about how Michael Jackson prepared for his concerts, or else it reveals your deep-seated hatred of the man, and is a vain attempt to rubbish his final artistic efforts, thrash his reputation, and deny him his well deserved final Hurrah! And you know what imbecile? People like me who have always given Michael Jackson a fair shake (even during the darkest times of his unwarranted child-molestation trials), will never let wicked people like you, to get away with your filthy lies. Publish my very fitting critism of your disgustingly shameful review of the fine movie "This Is It," as well as your shameful attack upon the memory of a dead and undefended Michael Jackson, if you are not just an intellectual coward, but also a stinking turd! I dare you, to show some character and do so!

Posted by John Odeh on 11/05/2009 at 1:29 PM

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