Joe Somebody

Rated NR

Picking a fight is OK as long as you are trained by a cynical beer-guzzling sensei and become a tone-deaf karaoke king and an uncoordinated squash partner as a result. And always remember to pretend to be someone you are not in order to impress your pseudo friends by telling lies and using Noxema as hair gel. These are the lessons that a spineless middle-aged loser teaches his 12-year-old daughter as he regresses to the pitiful schoolboy immaturity of challenging a beef-headed bully to a duel in this cinematic garbage that amazingly managed to sneak a release date in the midst of peak Oscar time. If writer John Scott Shepherd's pathetic script does not thwart your interests as it should, be warned of Tim Allen's cookie-cutter so-called acting, the unconvincing love interest of a closeted smoker/wellness guru and Greg Germann's recycled Ally McBeal character with perverted Fishisms and all.

Film Credits

Director: John Pasquin

Cast: Tim Allen, James Belushi and Wolfgang Bodison

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