Joe Dirt

Rated NR

Since the dawning of man's realization of his own mortality, art has struggled to create something eternal and universal, bridging the gaps of time, solitude and death to reach the empyrean and touch the face of God, thereby to find the familiarity of one's own face. Perhaps the apex of human artistic endeavor, Joe Dirt depicts the human struggle unflinchingly, showing us alone, poised on the cusp of the Grand Canyon of the soul, keening for our kind. Who among us has not been Joe Dirt? Standing proud, mullet-feathered and majestic, covered in feces from the septic tanks strapped to his back, the parentless Joe Dirt is an existential Everyman. Knowing not from whence he came, nor to where he is going, his search for identity is complicated, like ours, by unthinkable choices and unanswerable questions. Should we have relations with our sister? Should we get our 426 Hemi out of hock? Should we search for our parents, and, if so, will they sell ceramic clowns? These questions and more are answered in the haunting, unforgettable Joe Dirt. Also features Kid Rock.

Film Credits

Director: Dennie Gordon

Cast: David Spade, Brittany Daniel, Dennis Miller, Christopher Walken, Kid Rock and Adam Beach

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