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Re: “Arizona Burning

Dear "noshame" aka "2ckn2sign" How dare you compare people that want and expect the federal government to do their jobs enforcing immigration laws to "Hitler". Pull your head out and lay off the Kool-aid. Criminal Illegal Aliens have caused millions of dollars in damages to the borderlands as well as our nation. The origin of the arson is not a moot point...if they were not in this country illegally that fire and many others would never have started. Your simple mind wants to blame everyone and everything except those who actually started the fires. We do agree on ending the drug I said SEAL Team 6 has a fine track record so far in head shots to criminals. "Bin Laden"..."Somali want a cracker"...4 bullets = 4 dead scumbags. Put real enforcement power on the border, that is what terrorists and drug cartels really understand. You are a moot point...move along.

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Posted by JEPHGEEZ on 07/02/2011 at 10:55 AM

Re: “Smugglers' Paradise

Please watch TV Sat night Nov 27th @ 9pm eastern (7pm AZ) War Stories with Oliver North "War on the 3rd front" The 3rd front is our U.S. & Mexico border. Oliver North was just down here a few weeks ago. The same type of info as in this recent and most excellent article by leo Banks. The problem is just getting worse and will not improve as long as we have such lame leaders in Washington DC. The general public and news media are more concerned with airport pat downs while hundreds of crininal illegal aliens simply walk across the border unchecked every single day and night. What is the point of airport security when the borders are wide open and anyone or anything can get in? Jeph

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Posted by JEPHGEEZ on 11/26/2010 at 11:59 AM

Re: “The Krentz Bonfire

Leo Banks has just written another accurate account of what we face here on the wide open border. However most of America is clueless that all these drugs and criminals are headed to a city near them. There are over 30 million illegals in this country. By the best estimates Border Patrol catches 20%-40% of these tresspassers, do the math, 60% -80% get thru. Arizona has about 1 million illegals, Los Angeles has about 3 million. When 2 girls wandered into North Korea it took ex-president Clinton to go get them back. 3 hikers wandered into Iran and sec of state Hillary Clinton had to go save them. Both big international events. We have 1,000 -2,000 illegals enter the U.S. every day! From what country and what are their goals? The majority of the Amnesty / open borders people are here illegally, know people that are here illegally or profit from the illegals and drugs (pot smoking liberals). The southern border is 2,200 miles long and since 9-11-01 there has only about 650 miles of some type of fence completed. The remaining 70% is wide open. In fact there are many areas where there is no fence, not even a "keep out sign" some places it's a old 4 strand cattle fence. The border is a joke. Homeland security is a joke, Janet Napoletano is a joke. If you travel to any other country in the world you expect to show paperwork. There are so many lies promoted by the anti-americans. Now we have a law SB1070 at last, this will allow law enforcement to simply ask for proof of citizenship or legal entry if the officer suspects illegal aliens. The main clue would be they are unable to speak proper English. I dare you to ask the next cop you see in any city in the U.S. if they are allowed to ask for proof of being in the country legally at a traffic stop (almost all are not allowed to even ask). I have sat in the county courthouse here in Bisbee Arizona and watched as a Judge talked to a "alleged criminal" who didn't speak English (needed a translator) was arrested with 400 lbs of pot in the trunk, yet the judge must tell this guy he is not allowed to ask "are you in this country illegally". I say there are serious flaws in the system... If the federal government had been doing it's job we wouldn't have this problem. Immigrants come from all over the world, not just Mexico. The new state law is not "anti-latino" it is "anti-illegal alien". I have had to show my "papers" at gun point a number of times in Mexico and Central America. If you don't like our immigration laws then don't come here. Please, please boycout U.S. Maybe we should adopt the Mexican immigration laws. I once saw a bus load of dead Guatemalans shot by the Mexican Army for trying to drive thru a southern check point! The U.S. is the best country with the best immigration laws. But we have been pushed too far. It doesn't help when president Obama fuels racist lies. His job is to secure the country, not side with illegal aliens and drug smugglers. 70% of Americans want the borders secure. No new laws need to be written or pushed thru, the laws have been on the books for years, just enforce them. NO AMNESTY of any kind! Jeff in Portal, AZ

Posted by JEPHGEEZ on 04/29/2010 at 7:13 AM

Re: “Luck and Fear

Last night, Feb 5th the Community meeting about local area security concerns was very well attended. About 20 Border Patrol agents from all 3 offices Wilcox, Douglas & Lordsburg. As well as Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever and 2 of his deputies, 4 Hidalgo county deputies, 1 New Mexico State highway Patrol Officer. Also 4 representives from both AZ & NM attended. Every chair the community center has (about 180) were used and still about 30+ people had to stand. A number of people did not attend for fear of leaving their homes unattended in the evening or the fear of arriving home well after dark. Many left a spouse home to "hold down the fort". The meeting lasted about 3 hours. All agencies took a turn at the mic to try to explain what they were doing to stop the problem and offer suggestions to the locals as to how they may help law enforcement do their job and stay safe. Many citizens had some excellent questions. There were a few heated discussions. Over all I think the meeting went very well. Everyone gained some important information. Hopefully those representitives sent by our elected representitives will get the critical information passed up the chain of comand. The people are angry, scarred and will not tolerate many more dope loads hauled thru their yards or home invasions. Sooner or later someone is bound to get hurt.
I think all the agents and local law enforcement are doing a great job. However for some unknown reason Washington DC has not been able to keep this country safe.
If they can haul over a million pounds of drugs across the border in the Tucson sector alone last year...what about a terrorist threat?
If the border is not sealed...all 2,200 miles not simply 600 miles of fence since 9-11-01 we are all doomed. Jeff Gee, Portal resident for 20 years.

Posted by JEPHGEEZ on 02/06/2010 at 10:43 AM

Re: “Chico and the Monkey

Dustytrucks, your post on the 17th shows how little informed you are. I can quickly think of 4 home invasions. These are when illegals invade a occupied home. In 2 cases little old ladies were home, in another a litle old man was home, in the 4th invasion an elderly couple were severly beaten, kidnapped and forced to drive their car with the group of illegals 80 miles to the Mexican border. Your comment that the majority of breakins are unocupied homes and the
items usually taken are sneakers and Doritos shows your ignorance of this topic. "Seriously, though as a Portal resident" your hope that people will continue to write their Senators and Congresspeople again shows you are clueless.
Our elected officials have done close to nothing to enforce our national borders. The Minuteman simply proved that a real and active presence along the border is needed. Another major problem is the lame court judges that sympathize with these criminals. One of the illegals newest tricks when caught these days is to complain of "chest pain" they have been informed that once they say the key words "chest pain" the Border Patrol must involve the EMS system. The key words "chest pain" in EMS involve a helicopter fly-out in our area to a major Tucson Hospital. Once at the hospital the key words "chest pain" involve a complete cardiac work up. Total cost for the chopper, ER, testing, is about $50,000 - $60,000. Once they have a clear bill of health they are released from the hospital without paying a Peso. Border patrol often has no agents available to grab them at the hospital. Can you even imagine the resources wasted? What if a real medical emergency could not be responded to because the system is cloged with medical air taxis for illegals. I work in this system and have responded to a number of recent "chest pain" cases in freshly captured illegals.
How will you like it someday to come home to your house that you have worked hard for only to find everything all destroyed, torn up, maybe they will tear off the kitchen cuppord wood doors to build a cooking fire in the middle of your living room tile floor in front of the fireplace (next to the already stacked firewood). Then after making over $1,000 in phone calls back to Mexico...on their way out the door take a crap on your floor as a big thank you. Hope you are not home.

Posted by JEPHGEEZ on 09/20/2009 at 11:58 AM

Re: “Chico and the Monkey

The Minutemen only did the jobs that the Feds didn't want to do. Also FYI Chris Simcox (founder of the Minutemen) is running aginst Senator John McCain. Support Chris Simcox to secure the border. You can Google "Simcox for Senate" to see more info. Jeff Gee / Portal resident

Posted by JEPHGEEZ on 09/18/2009 at 2:37 PM

Re: “Chico and the Monkey

Try entering any other country in the world and smuggling drugs or breaking into homes. Until we replace the current lame spineless lawmakers that do not want to solve our national security issue. We get what we deserve. It's time to elect all new officials who care more about this country than sucking up more votes.
As tensions grow eventually someone is bound to get hurt. The best way to solve the problem is to complete the remaining 2/3rd of the border fence, let the Border Patrol do their jobs, completly enforce the current laws we already have and take away all the "perks" we allow illegals to have. The days of the "poor migrant" looking for a better life are long gone. Now it is a overflow of a major crime wave because we continue to allow it. Jeff Gee, Portal Resident

Posted by JEPHGEEZ on 09/18/2009 at 10:47 AM

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