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Re: “Arizona Welcomes Refugees

Hope it's. Not my tax dollars at work, wasted a vote on McSally

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Posted by Jay Vanderford on 01/07/2016 at 6:50 PM

Re: “Danehy

the real issue here is our kindness towards criminals, people flee here from all over the world even if it means jail, why? because our jails are better than where they live, and they have rights in jail. Murderers get paroled, sometimes more than once. We have created a sub-culture that strives in prison, they sell drugs from there, run gangs and make money, all the while protected safe and sound in prison, I mean correctional facility costing an average of 50K per year for each inmate. You want to curb violence, punish the offenders, if you are caught on tape, or there is irrefutable forensic evidence after having killed someone you should be put to death within 5 working days, no phone calls, no goodbyes, no last meals...you just get what you have given period. I own guns, i take my kids and grand-kids shooting, we have a blast, ans as a retired military member I live and preach safety, as well as self defense. At this point in our history removing guns would only remove all doubt from the minds of the criminals, they would no longer second guess about coming into your home fearing you might have a gun. The bottom line here is, if we do not make our correctional facilities into prisons, a place where even the hardest of criminals fear, and no nonsense laws about the disposition of murderers, gun restrictions only apply to those that follow the law.

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Posted by Jay Vanderford on 09/03/2015 at 7:07 AM

Re: “Death in Detention

I agree, and I'm all for his investigation, as long as tax dollars do not get used for it, he can pay but then he would change his mind about the investigation all together. UNDOCUMENTED, as in shouldn't have been here in the first place, also stands for not a US citizen and therefore hasn't earned what we call rights in this country. Lastly, and a little help here, Why are we not using our "National" Guard to defend our borders with the necessary force to keep Americans safe from intruders? with over 11 million here now that we cannot track, do not know their country of origin, one of these politicians will act when something catastrophic happens as a result of not knowing who is in our country, but as always, its to late.

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Posted by Jay Vanderford on 06/25/2015 at 7:17 AM

Re: “Weed Recap

I have to agree Carpet Baggers, we must be very careful or we will simply play this right into the hands of those that will turn it into their personal monopoly. I don't know of a right way to make this drug legal without losing control of it all together, the same as any drug in this country including nicotine and alcohol. My thoughts are that as much taxes as I pay, we just make an area, perhaps area 51, into a free drug zone, mountains of crack, heroin, marijuana... and you can go in but not leave with any drugs on your person. All the drug abusers would likely stay in their until they die and eventually, viola, no more demand and no need for a supply. Sounds harsh, however, we have battled drugs for over a hundred years to the tune of trillions of dollars, its time to either get tough (death sentences) or admit defeat and quit using my taxes for this losing battle. Lets give out drugs free in a controlled environment away from the general public and use the savings for education to keep the next generation from entering those gates at all, who knows, maybe we wont have to look to India to hire educated engineers and will produce them in the United States.

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Posted by Jay Vanderford on 06/19/2015 at 7:18 AM

Re: “Weed Recap

My take on the legalization of Marijuana is simple. Do some research on violent crime, first off you wont find any marijuana in it, mostly alcohol and meth, heroin... and the greatest of the bunch to date is prescribed pain medication proliferation into our society. I do not use marijuana in any form, nor do I condone the use of it, but I would rather see alcohol and the fore mentioned drugs gone well before marijuana is a topic here, if it brings revenue to our flailing budget, reduces cross border transport and takes these otherwise law biding citizens out of the courts so they can focus on the real criminals, then I'm all for it.

There are no proven health risks beyond that of smoking or alcohol consumption for that matter, and your health is your health, not mine, nor is the governments responsibility. But if there are those that will make this a point, then we must consider obesity a crime as well. It has much worse health consequences, and is normally a burden on the tax payer as well in rising medical costs, so should we add this to the list of causes for those that have nothing better to do all day?
I think so having just asked to be reseated on an airplane because the person next to me was not able to keep their body on their side of the seat. This in most cases is self inflicted, so lets get government to regulate our eating habits as well, this will reduce health costs, speed up lines everywhere in confined spaces such as airports and public transport...

I think what I am saying here is that I really don't see this as a killer drug, and we have over a hundred years of data to look at, so do some backward analysis, start in the prison system and find out what intoxicant was used before the crimes were committed and zero in on what ever drug that is that is killing our society, then ask for the help of the government to fix it.

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Posted by Jay Vanderford on 06/18/2015 at 7:59 AM

Re: “Answering the Call

No matter the color, background or circumstances, the best way to solve our violence issues is to commit no crimes against each other, or ourselves for that matter. There is no white supremacy, there is only segregation, and its just these types of functions that continue to create the very divide in our society that exists. There should be no mention of color or ethnicity anywhere in our society if we truly want to be know as one America, no check blocks on any government forms or applications. Ask yourself this, everyone no person of any race, creed, color or religion... is prevented from attaining an education in this country, from the ghetto to the white house we all take a different path to attain an education, however, its open to all. Once educated, we could all then agree, that these special emphasis groups touting this group or that group only support racism and segregation. If we genuinely want to be counted as one, "Americans" we need to push to remove any reference to this or that type of person in our schools and our own vocabulary, but I warn you, the government likes us divided, there is strength in numbers, they know that and therefore, support continued segregation through special emphasis groups, have a nice day.

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Posted by Jay Vanderford on 05/07/2015 at 7:50 AM

Re: “Escape Goat

Personally, there should be no culturally relevant materials in our school systems EVER, as long as we call ourselves this type of person or that type of person, the government is getting what it wants, a divided and segregated America, one that can never challenge its leaders. Think about that when not claiming to be an American, rather, a this or that American, you are feeding racism and segregation and we will remain divided as long as there is a check block on any form or it's taught in any school. If we teach culture in schools, that's all we will have time for, considering we hold every ethnicity on the planet here, or do some of you feel yours is the most important?

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Posted by Jay Vanderford on 05/07/2015 at 7:31 AM

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