Jason X

Rated NR

A not at all sucky addition to the Friday the 13th series, Jason X updates the hockey-masked killer for a new millennium. In this one, he’s cryogenically frozen in the year 2010, and then thawed out in the 25th century, a distopic future that is crawling with beautiful teenagers but totally lacking in maniacal slashers. Jason attempts to set things right by again killing the cute and libidinous. In a wild twist that is not at all a complete rip-off of Alien, he does this while his teen victims are trapped on a crippled space ship. In spite of its blazing originality, Jason X works well on its own terms, those terms being "sluts," "slashers," and "splattered innards." Still, the standard recipe for this kind of movie is like the formula for water: It’s so good that no one’s thought to change it in the last several billion years.

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