Inland Empire

Rated NR

I have no idea if I liked this movie or not: It was so confusing that it actually interfered with my ability to introspectively know the contents of my own mind. Not only could I not say if it’s a good film or a bad film; I’m not even sure it’s a film. I think it has five stories, six if you count the one about the room full of people with rabbit heads, but the stories don’t interweave or connect … they just sort of become each other. Also, a lot of the film is in Polish. It’s certainly inventive, and the rabbit-head sequences are amazing, but I can’t say that the entire film is completely rewarding. Still, anything David Lynch does is worth seeing, and the puzzle of decoding what happens will leave you with hours of entertainment after the credits roll, the screen goes blank, and you go, “Huh.”

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