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This would be a very serviceable and decent movie if the exact same story hadn’t just been released last year as Capote. As it is, Infamous suffers by comparison. The acting all has a night-time soap opera broadness too it, and Sandra Bullock proves that she’s no good at drama. She plays Harper Lee, friend to Truman Capote (Toby Jones, who gives the best performance in the film, and one that will be inevitably, and negatively, compared to Philip Seymour Hoffman’s amazing turn in the same role) who is writing his soon-to-be best-seller In Cold Blood. Whatever: If you’ve seen Capote, you know the story, and if you haven’t, do so rather than watching Infamous. It adds nothing, and feels like you’re watching the stand-ins for a the first film run through a rehearsal. A good rehearsal, but still, they’re the stand-ins.

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