In Time

Rated PG-13 109 minutes 2011

Justin Timberlake will need to wait for another movie to become a kick-ass, bona fide action star, because In Time is intensely bad—an OK idea gone horribly awry. Timberlake plays Will Salas, a factory worker living in a world where humans have been genetically engineered to stop aging when they are 25. At that point, people must work, fight or steal to earn extra time for their lives. When the extra time they’ve earned runs out, they die, so Salas spends the whole movie stealing time, distributing time to the poor, etc. Time clocks appear on people’s forearms in a glowing green hue, and people can transfer time by holding hands … which is just stupid. Amanda Seyfried sports a bad wig as a time heiress who is kidnapped by Timberlake. The film is a visual mess, poorly paced and extremely boring.

Film Credits

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Director: Andrew Niccol

Producer: Andrew Niccol, Eric Newman, Marc Abraham, Arnon Milchan, Hutch Parker, Bob Harper, Andrew Z. Davis, Kristel Laiblin and Amy Israel

Cast: Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried, Cillian Murphy, Vincent Kartheiser, Olivia Wilde, Matt Bomer, Johnny Galecki, Collins Pennie, Toby Hemingway, Brendan Miller, Yaya DaCosta, Alex Pettyfer, Nick Lashaway, Ray Santiago, Will Peltz and Melissa Ordway


In Time

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