In the Land of Women

Rated NR

Writer/director Jon Kasdan’s famous dad, Lawrence, executive-produced this sappy and meandering but ultimately funny film about a young man at the crossroads of his life. The plot includes heartbreak, dying grandmothers, breast cancer and a suburban housewife whose life is, oh golly, not as romantic as those Hallmark cards she’s always buying for her in-laws. In spite of the trite emo feel of the story, the script has a few dozen really decent comedic lines, and there’s a promising performance by young Kristen Stewart as a teenager who falls for the mysterious and depressed Carter Webb (Adam Brody), a Los Angeles sophisticate who’s moved to the suburbs to just, like, get his life together, man. While In the Land of Women is at best a 97-minute time-killer, it does show promise, and if Kasdan can overcome his sappiness and play to his strengths, this film might mark the start of a major talent. Or it might mark the start of a long slide into Lifetime original movie writing.

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