Igby Goes Down

Rated NR

Igby is the odd and unfortunate four-letter word name for an odd and unfortunate kid with a four-letter word vocabulary that colors his every cynical and angered speech throughout this dark comedy. Kieran Culkin stars in a notable and compelling performance as the rebellious teen of privileged upbringing who shows his resentment towards his controlling family by being expelled from countless prep schools and running away to NYC where he befriends an ice cream addicted waif, a strung-out sex pot, and a transvestite artist. But when the father is committed to a mental institution with schizophrenia, the brother puts his Young Republican dreams first, and the mother dies by family-inflicted euthanasia, the family’s ironclad grip is released consequentially. Though this act of happenstance quells his initial cause for pain, the confused kid is embittered further by this very act of happenstance. First time writer/director Burr Steers creates witty and original dialogue that skillfully portrays a complex cast of characters with an endearing and intriguing eye.

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