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In a movie which has nothing to do with the old television series of the same name, Owen Wilson (always a good sign) and Eddie Murphy (think Pluto Nash, and be afraid) team up to stop Malcolm McDowell (who’s been phoning in his broad villain role for so long that he’s now got it on speed dial) from selling a top-secret U.S. weapon to some generically brown-skinned terrorists. Wilson is charming and funny, and Eddie Murphy is only mildly annoying, which is a lot to ask from Eddie Murphy, really. Plus, there are some decent jokes and some well-done action scenes, and Famke Janssen appears in her underwear, which I consider a selling point, seeing as she’s Famke Janssen and all. So, on the whole, decent popcorn-level entertainment as long as you aren’t expecting Robert Culp and Bill Cosby to bound around a tennis court looking for Soviet spies.

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