I am a Sex Addict

Rated NR

This is a combination documentary/docudrama, starring, focused on and completely absorbed with the self of writer/director Caveh Zahedi. He may be the most self-involved person on the face of the Earth, and he plays himself in this unbelievably uncomprehending self-examination. You need only watch this film for a few minutes to know more about Zahedi than he could ever know about himself. He’s the classic self-avowed Male Feminist, i.e., he has no capacity to see women as anything but systems for fulfilling his own needs, so it’s pretty courageous, or totally oblivious, of him to plaster his life on the screen. Much of I Am a Sex Addict is howlingly funny, but I’m guessing only about 52.4 percent of it is funny on purpose. Some of the strangest scenes involve Zahedi acting as though he’s having an orgasm, because he’s either the worst actor in the world (which seems likely), or his orgasms actually look like rejected audition reels from a grade-Z horror movie. This is an almost indescribable film, and really needs to be seen. Imagine if George W. Bush applied all of his competence in foreign affairs and budget management to producing a psychological study. Now crank up the weirdness, if you can, and you’ll have I Am a Sex Addict, which is sort of like a film within a film within a deluded misconception of what humanity is and is supposed to be about.

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