How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

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How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days aka How to Lose a Viewer’s Interest in 10 Ways: 1. Have director Donald Petrie of Richie Rich infamy at the helm. 2. Get a team of writers to pen the excessively offensive sexist dribble they call a romantic comedy screenplay. 3. Include too many fluctuating variables that could only work perfectly in Hollywood. 4. Have the talented Kate Hudson waste her skills playing a conniving blonde bimbo with an ear-piercing baby’s voice. 5. Get the always-annoying Matthew McConaughey to co-star. 6. Use every trite convention listed in the book of Trite Conventions in Moviemaking. 7. Create absurd and unbelievable personality quirks for the lead characters, such as having a "love fern" as the symbol of a relationship and naming male genitalia after female royalty. 8. Have the slogan for the diamond ad campaign in the film be the uncreative and irrelevant "Frost Yourself." 9. Create an offensive mish-mashed pseudo romantic comedy. 10. Have the director and writers do a terrible job.

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