House of Mirth

Rated NR

Another novel by Edith Wharton is adapted to the big screen to examine vindictive games of the heart, this time by writer/director Terence Davies. Gillian Anderson stars as a naïve and susceptible single woman who is burdened by a hefty gambling debt and unjust societal pressures as she faces the moral dilemma of whether to marry for love or for money. A cold-hearted, manipulating elitist (Laura Linney), a conniving financial advisor (Dan Aykroyd), an inadequate lawyer (Eric Stoltz) and back-stabbing relatives all contribute to the physical and emotional hardships through which the sympathetic protagonist fights with courage and dignity. Though this period piece proceeds at a painstakingly slow pace, the complexity and portrayal of each character, especially Anderson's, produce a House of success.

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