Hot Rod

Rated NR

Saturday Night Live star Andy Samberg plays Rod, a stuntman wannabe who pretty much sucks, crashing his moped into makeshift ramps and public pools. When his grouchy stepfather (a hilarious Ian McShane) reveals that he needs a heart transplant and may die, Rod will have nothing of it. You see, his stepdad has been kicking his ass for years, and if he dies, Rod will never have the pleasure of whooping him, which he considers a right of passage. Rod decides to raise money for his dying stepdad, so Rod can beat him to a pulp when he gets better. Like Adam Sandler and Chris Farley before him, Samberg seems to have chosen the dumbest movie possible to make his debut. Your enjoyment of the film depends upon your ability to switch off your brain while watching it. It has some great laughs and physical slapstick, but it may be too moronic for many viewers.

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