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This adaptation of Carl Hiaasen’s kid-friendly novel is so bland and trite that many viewers won’t give a hoot. Scruffy-haired Logan Lerman acts like the long-lost 10th Brady with his prim-and-proper boyish charm in his portrayal as Roy, the new kid in town. During his first few days at his new Floridian school, he aggravates a bully, befriends a skeptical tough girl and meets the barefoot boy responsible for sabotaging the future location of Mother Paula’s Pancake House. The intriguing and shoeless teen will do anything to protect the precious endangered owls that have made their homes at the construction location. Consequentially, Roy becomes interested in helping with this noble ecological cause. But few viewers will be interested, except for perhaps some dedicated Parrot Heads who will enjoy Jimmy Buffett’s portrayal of a marine-biology teacher, as well as his music in the movie.

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