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Although it relies heavily on deus ex machina to even jump from Act 1 to Act 2 and from Act 2 to Act 3, the Thai crime-noir Headshot does way more right than it does wrong. It’s the story of a career hit-man exacting one final score after his life is literally turned upside down: A near-fatal gunshot wound flipped his vision 180 degrees, so the floor is the ceiling, and vice versa. As the hit-man, Nopachai Chaiyanam is remarkably malleable; he can be ruthless and cold-blooded, but his condition also makes him meek and powerless. He takes on different looks effectively, as a wild-eyed contract killer, a prisoner of his own traumatic wounds, and a devout monk with something to hide. Following the sensational The Raid: Redemption into theaters, Headshot gives us hope for more great Southeast Asian cinema.

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