Head Trauma

Rated NR

Director Lance Weiler’s previous film, The Last Broadcast, got some notoriety when The Blair Witch Project came out a year later and seemingly ripped off Last Broadcast’s basic concept. With Head Trauma, he returns to the ultra-low-budget horror genre and produces an incredibly creepy movie about a haunted house, a drunken drifter and a ghost who wears a parka. Yes. A parka. Plus, it makes terrifying use of a Jack Chick comic, rumbling bass tones and wet hair. While this is hardly high-quality cinema, horror is a genre that is sometimes best served by budget constraints, amateur performers and not-so-special effects. The ending could have been a little less neat, and the acting is uneven, but Head Trauma is nonetheless a pretty good re-creation of 1960s/1970s horror, a time when filmmakers had to rely on psychological thrills instead of CGI monsters.

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