Head of State

Rated NR

He is the life of the party who shows stuffed-shirt conservatives how to get down with the electric slide. He airs Hip-Hop music video-like campaign ads on TV dressed in ghetto garb and gold chains. His girlfriend is a victim of overacting. He relies on Bugs Bunny for political strategies and has his ignorant brother, wearing suits designed by Crayola, as a running mate. He is for domestic violence, cancer and guns. He is Mays Gilliam and he’s campaigning to be President of the United States. The rookie candidate is up against Vice President Brian Lewis, which will make this a tough race since he is Sharon Stone’s cousin. Chris Rock directed, co-wrote, produced and stars in this over-the-top quirky comedy with a superficial script that is surprisingly entertaining because of its zany flashbacks and fast-paced banter.

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