Harvard Man

Rated NR

Harvard apparently isn’t filled with clean-cut over-achievers, determined study groups and ingenious professors since writer/director James Toback shows us the dark and dismal side to the Boston Ivy League school in this semi-autobiographical film. Adrian Grenier stars as the title character who quickly gets involved with bookies, mob bosses, LSD and constant sexual exploits with various women. As if that wasn’t enough, once you throw in a college professor with group orgy fetishes and undercover FBI agents with the Harrison Ford of bad accents, you are stuck with a convoluted plot that is too illogical and unbelievable, the constant abrupt camera movements and time jumps that are too annoying and disruptive, the everlasting acid trip that is too repetitive and boring, the performances that are too reminiscent of a bad high school play and Joey Lauren Adams’ high-pitched voice that is too baby doll-like to say "cacophonous" and "existentialism." So, a word to the wise, James, some life stories are better left untold.

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