Hart's War

Rated NR

A makeshift courtroom at a POW camp in WWII Germany is the setting in which Lt. Hart (Farrell) acts as a defense attorney for a commanding officer framed for murder because of the color of his skin. But, before we get tangled in this convoluted legal battle of racism, betrayal and the deep-seated motives of a devoted colonel (Bruce Willis), we must endure the long first hour that displays the overtly bleak and frigid prisoner life via an unnecessary cold blue tinted photography. Director Gregory Hoblit commands Operation You Can't Handle the Truth II, which ultimately falls flat as a weak A Few Good Men imitation starring Colin Farrell, who definitely is no Tom Cruise, and Bruce Willis, who is an overly subdued Jack Nicholson.

Film Credits

Director: Gregory Hoblit

Cast: Bruce Willis and Colin Farrell

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